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Potato Chip Bags




Putting shirts in the potato chip bags came from necessity:  we needed to tell you the language of the shirt, teach you how to pronounce it, tell you a bit about our company, make the reciever of the shirt feel special, and, most importantly, have fun. 

In turn, along with being unique, the bags became a terrific marketing idea:  we could put stickers, toys, seashells, Halloween cobwebs, or whatever in the bags.  We started this business on the street, so putting shirts in these bags kept the shirts safe from harm. 

Believe it or not, (its happens quite often actually) people have burst back into the store yelling that they were 'cheated' because we gave them 'cotton candy' instead of their shirt.

....And yes, we can fit a 3XL Men's shirt inside the bag.

“Necessity is the mother of all invention”
Albert Einstein

To Upcycle your ZAM Bag:  GO HERE

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